Auction QuaintBaikalPeаrls Terms and Conditions

General provisions

Auction intended for trading unique artifacts from the shores of Lake Baikal. To participate in the auction, the buyer must register with the express acceptance of these rules (terms and conditions).
Auction QuaintBaikalPearls operates under the general procedure governed by the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

Registration of participants

To participate in the auction participant must complete the registration process.
All fields are envisaged registration card are required. In this case, all the fields except the title (nickname) and country of residence are confidential, known only to the site administrator.
Registration fields are filled in English or Russian.
Member guarantee the accuracy of these data at registration. The field of e-mail is intended for correspondence with the Administration on all issues, including harmonization of the method of payment and the address to send the purchased item. Member is responsible for the performance of the specified address e-mail, t. To. Its right to purchase may be canceled if there is no answer to the official letter requesting confirmation of your purchase.
Register won an auction participant, to abandon the acquisition of goods or ignored official letter requesting confirmation of your purchase - canceled. In the future, not allowed registration of participants with similar details.

The order of bidding. Deciding the winner

Information about re-enter the auction lots shall be published at least 30 days before the start of trading.
Anchor Publication shall include: date and time of the auction. For the calculation of these time limits are adopted standard time GMT + 0.
On the day of the auction information by lot appears "Trades go" and declared its starting price and the minimum bid increment (in %% of the starting price).
All prices and auction rate denominated in USD.
To participate in the auction must be registered user login on the website and take advantage of a private office.
Registered members have a right to an unlimited number of times to raise his bet (each increase - not least due to the percentage of the initial price).
At the time of completion of the auction lot information appears "Trades are completed."
The winner of the auction is the participant who offered the highest price for the lot. He directed management letter with a proposal to harmonize the final form of payment (payment system Paypal, WMZ, WMR ..., or through non-cash payment system Viza / Mastercard) and specify the delivery address.
If the winner of the auction participant refuses to pay or does not respond to management letter within 3 days - his victory in the auction is canceled, and the right to purchase the lot passes to the second rated Bidder proposed rates. He sent a letter to the official proposal to buy the lot at the price proposed by him.

Payment and delivery

The transaction price (the highest price offered by the winner) is the final (it includes the costs of the organizers of the delivery and other overhead costs).
After completion of the bidding on the lot and determine the winner:
- Organizers sent winners on specified at registration e-mail notification letter with a) to confirm the willingness to pay for the purchase of the selected method and b) specifying the address of delivery (the default address provided during registration);
- Winner for 3 days should send an e-mail confirmation;
- Winner for 5 days should make the payment method selected to send him details (in the case of payment other than the USD, the currency - the amount calculated at the rate applicable at the time of payment)
If the winner of the payment or non-response to the notification letter - his victory will be canceled and the right to purchase the lot goes to the participant whose bid was the second in the ranking of tenders for lot.
After receiving payment from the winners, organizers:
- Organize sending lots optimal speed and reliability of delivery method (using postal service with reputable), return receipt requested;
- The winner of the message is sent with all the details mailing.
In case of loss of the goods purchased through the fault of the service delivery, it is the subject of proceedings between the organizers and the delivery service. Buyer returns the amount paid.
The acquisition of the lot at the auction is considered complete at the time of transfer to the Purchaser.

Relationship with the seller

Accepted for auction items that match the theme of the site. The character of the lot and conditions of the transaction (determination of the price, payment procedure) are determined by individual negotiations. Prodvatsov invite interested contact us at

Other provisions

All claims in the course of the auction conflicts and disagreements are settled in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.
The organizers reserve the right to use information about transactions carried out (image sold, the transaction price, nickname and country of residence of the Winner) for promotional purposes.