T-shirts with the seal Laska’s paintings have been sold!


In the night of August 27, there was ended bidding for the first lots of the auction QuaintBaikalPearls.com. We recall that in the first line the unique t-shirts with pictures made by Baikal seal Laska were competed for. Bidding lasted just over a month and caused great interest among the Internet users around the world. Thus, among the visitors of the website and social networks auction pages the residents of Latin American countries - Argentina, Brazil and Mexico, - as well as Taiwan and Thailand were the most active. In addition, the QuaintBaikalPearls.com lots aroused keen interest of Russians - both in the capital and in the regions (though the residents of Russia decided to leave only the numerous likes and reposts in social networks).

In the first line of the lots three t-shirts were competed for - one female and two universal shirts.

We congratulate the first winners of our auction, and we hope to agree very soon the details of payment and delivery of unique t-shirts by seal Laska - the sales director of the Project Ksenia Dronova has said. - Also I would like to thank all auction participants expressed interest to the unique Baikal curios.”

According to the auction procedure, the letters to confirm readiness to pay and clarify delivery address were sent to the winners. The winners have to send a response for 3 days, and to pay for 5 days. In case of refusal to purchase the right to buy at the offered price goes to the participant who proposed the second-largest amount.

We know the following information the winners about: Samantha Alsopp lives in Birmingham, UK; she has got the t-shirt in size of 2XL for $ 198. Dan Lande lives in Buenos Aires, Argentine, and traded until the last minute for two t-shirts - with the size of L and M (the winning price is $ 178 and $ 184 respectively). By the way, Dan has already responded to a letter from the administration, and said that he had bought one shirt for himself and the other for his girlfriend. Now we are waiting for payment receipt from him.

We recall that on the QuaintBaikalPearls.com website the bidding continue for underwater picture written by the world's only artist Yuri Alexeyev operating in the waters of the deepest and cleanest lake in the world, and for a unique sculpture of the world-famous Buryat sculptor Dashi Namdakov "Little Buddha".