Dashi Namdakov

Pride of the Siberian and Russian art world, Dashi Namdakov was born in a village in the Buryat in Trans-Baikal. He was the sixth child of eight in a family belonging to an ancient family of blacksmiths, who became outstanding craftsmen, jewelers and painters.

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Creativity Dashi Namdakov is imbued by deep Buddhist culture and history of the Buryat people, images of nomads, horsemen and warriors, totem animals, mythological creatures. Curved necks, disproportionate bodies, deformed body parts of humans and animals – this is how the sculptor sees his characters. The world of artist and sculptor Dashi Namdakov is filled with various creatures, animals, spirits, characters of fairy tales and ancient legends.

Dashi began working as an apprentice in Ulan-Ude, studied at the Art Institute, and later he worked as a jeweler. And in 2000 his first solo exhibition took place in Irkutsk. What his meteorical career began from was this first exhibition. Today creativity Dashi Namdakov is appreciated throughout the world; his exhibitions are regularly held in many countries of Europe, Asia and America. Some of his projects receive the blessing of the Dalai Lama XIV.

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Most of the works of the master are made in the technique of forging and art castings. The artist usually works with bronze, silver, gold, copper, precious stones, wood, horsehair, bone. The unique architectural style of Dashi Namdakov can be found in all his works - whether tapestries, graphical drawings, jewelry and sculpture - the elements of national culture, Buddhist motifs and traditions of Central Asia, which are combined with the original European art technique always lie at the basis.

Today, the works of Dashi Namdakov are stored in the collections of the State Hermitage, the Russian Museum of Ethnography in St. Petersburg, the Museum of Oriental people Art, the Museum of Modern Art in Moscow, in museums of many countries of the world, including - in the "Tibet House" (New York) and "Museum of Art" (Guangzhou, China). On 14 April 2012 a monumental sculpture of Genghis Khan made by Dashi was fixed up in London.

The  Namdakov’s works are owned by such famous and influential people different in characters as Gerhard Schroder, country music star Willie Nelson and actress Uma Thurman. The sculptures of Siberian master are presented in private collections of Vladimir Putin ("Element"), Mintimer Shaimiev ("Rider"), Yuri Luzhkov, Roman Abramovich ("Evening", "Old warrior"), the other representatives of the elite of Russian politics and business, as well as in private collections in Germany, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Finland, Japan, the US, Taiwan.


Little Buddha (with the jade ball), the author is Dashi Namdakov
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Little Buddha (with the jade ball), the author is Dashi Namdakov. This is a unique version of the sculpture with a jade ball. Bronze, jade, molding, patinating. 111x147x53 mm; 182x245x107 mm

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