Yuri Alexeev

Yuri Alexeev - the world's only artist, who decided to create under the water of Lake Baikal. In total, there are about ten artists working in such extreme conditions. Geodesy, Cartography in Education, Alekseev in early childhood took up painting. The main theme of his work - the unique nature of Lake Baikal and the Siberian taiga.

Underwater painting - it is very difficult, it requires special skill and endurance. The paintings are executed in the genre of underwater Impressionism, which is characterized by very rapid creation of paintings, since the time allotted for each job, limited by the amount of air in the cylinder diving equipment artist.

To create underwater paintings the author uses oil paints and palette knife (a tool that typically remove old paint from the canvas). Canvas and easel is necessary to strengthen the weighting - to better kept under water, and the master had to constantly catch balance during operation.

Another obstacle in the work - Baikal fish who always strive to eat oil paint artist.



Landscape "On underwater meadow"
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The painting was done in the area of Baikalsk on the southern coast of lake Baikal

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